Interview with Chloe Hacquard: Between HighChloeCloud and Samsung… A close look at one’s career path


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Chloe Hacquard is the founder of the international brand HighChloeCloud and currently Digital Transformation Evangelist and Showroom Manager at Samsung. She agreed to answer a few questions about her career path.

I follow her on social networks for a while and I attended a conference she gave within the EFAP Paris as part of my training at the MBA Digital Marketing and Business(MBADMB). I wanted to share with you her career path and her vision.

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About the Author:

Diplômée d'une Licence LEA Commerce International parcours trilingue et d'un Master 1 en communication, j'ai choisi de poursuivre par le MBA Digital Marketing and Business (#MBADMB) à l'EFAP Bordeaux. Le digital occupant aujourd'hui une place centrale au sein de notre société, j’ai choisi d'être formée, non seulement aux nouveaux métiers de demain, mais également à accompagner et à anticiper cette révolution. #MBADMB #IA #InsideDigitalRevolution #TransfoNum

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