Mobile device use is continuously growing. Nowadays, more than one billion smartphones are in use around the world. Apps have become a new way to share and provide information.

In correlation with the use of apps and smartphones, consumers are looking to consume more sustainable food and products.

To satisfy the consumers’ demand, different apps have been developed. These apps offer a variety of information for those interested in, eating healthier food, buying healthier cosmetic products, wasting less food, buying seasonally, or finding sustainable sources of seafood.

Here are my top 4 apps that will change your buying habits :


« 56% of food products found in supermarkets are bad for your health! »

Finding yourself in the middle of the supermarket shelves surrounded by hundreds of products with a large variety of ingredients can be a tricky experience.

Consumers do not always have the necessary information to make the right decision: product labels are often complex to decipher and have many unknown terms.

That’s why the Yuka app has been created. The Yuka app simplifies the food shopping process for consumers to determine if an item has healthy ingredients. Using a smartphone, a shopper can scan the barcode of a food label. The app then displays a product card with an evaluation of the nutritional values and the ingredient list, on a scale ranging from red to green.

2 key functions of Yuka :

  • Product’s evaluation: each product is evaluated based on 3 objective criteria: nutritional quality, the presence of harmful additives and the organic dimension of the product. A score of 100 is assigned to the product based on its composition.
  • Alternatives: Based on the grade the product will receive, the app will recommend healthier products to consumers.

Click here to dowload the app and consume better !

Planet Ocean

What is this fish species, where does it come from, and how was it caught? To help consumers make sustainable fishing choices, a free application called « Planet Ocean » has been developed by the NGO SeaWeb Europe and the Goodplanet Foundation.

As an educational and useful tool, « Planet Ocean » lists 100 species of fish and seashells based on their origin, their stock and fishing techniques. It helps consumers identify and select species managed sustainably.

As a bonus, in the app, you can watch the « Planet Ocean » movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, as well as interviews and « making of » scenes.

You will also find recent news about the marine world through articles of GoodPlanet Info magazine, as well as consumer advice and cooking recipes.

To download the app CLICK HERE 

Too good to go

Each year, over 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away, that’s the weight of 190 Titanics!

This waste is estimated to be worth £17 billion a year.

That’s £700 per family per year spent on food that ultimately just ends up in the trash.

How does it work?

This app is based on a simple business model. Restaurant and supermarket with overstock will propose to sell their food for a cheap price on To Good To Go and the consumer will purchase their meal for a cheap. This app is a WIN-WIN situation, business is not wasting food, and consumers are eating good food for less.

Choose, recover, enjoy:

1) Find a dealer near you and order via the app

2) Get a lot of unsold goods directly from the chosen shopkeeper

3) Treat yourself to what you have just recovered

And here you go, make a gesture for the planet!

Too Good To Go allows each of us to engage against global food waste. Thanks to this app, already millions of meals have already been saved!

CLICK HERE to download the app

Fruits & Légumes de saison

Thanks to «  Fruits and Légumes de Saison » as « Seasonal fruits and Veggies » you will know when to buy bananas, tomatoes…

Although there are tomatoes all year round at the supermarket, the tomato season only extends from June to September. It’s the same for most fruits and vegetables, which each have an optimum consumption period. It is therefore only « in season » that we can taste the tastiest tomatoes or cherries. But the advantage is not only taste. Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables also saves you money. Fruits and vegetables harvested in the season cost less than those grown out of season, which often comes from farther away or has asked for more means in terms of cultivation. A good point for your purse then, but also for the planet!

To download the app CLICK HERE.

Clean Beauty: the cosmetics analyzer


While the food industry will soon have to deliver clearer and standardized information on the composition of its products, it’s not the case for cosmetics…

Reading products composition is almost impossible for consumers. They better have a chemistry degree to understand their cosmetics composition.

However, from now on, the beauty application CLEAN BEAUTY developed by the Laboratory OFFICINEA, is changing the beauty industry by revealing cosmetics controversial ingredients.

Thanks to its scanner, you can now analyze your beauty products and know exactly what you are applying on your skin.

To download the app, CLICK HERE.