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octobre 2019

septembre 2019

AR to learning foreign languages

By | 2019-09-12T20:19:18+01:00 septembre 6th, 2019|Non classé|

Have you ever wondered why youngsters or adults wasted so much time playing games on their smart phone? If there’s a limit, I do not see any problem with, but I must confess that as a language lover, I’d much rather seeing them learning a new language in best interactive way possible than pretending to [...]

août 2019

Digital Marketing in Education Sector

By | 2019-08-16T09:21:13+01:00 août 11th, 2019|Actualité, Digital Marketing, Tech & Innovation, Transformation digitale|

Whoever works in education and is in charge of enrollments can agree that, increasing its rate has been the toughest task for education institutes. It is evident that 85% of students use the Internet as a source of information for their studies or projects. From Y generation to centennials – youngsters are spending their maximum time [...]

juillet 2019

Les 7 clefs du marketing digital pour appliquer dans votre PME

By | 2019-08-08T11:30:26+01:00 juillet 16th, 2019|Actualité, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-transformation du monde, Social Media, Tech & Innovation, Transformation digitale|

La transition digitale est une opportunité pour les PME si elle est menée intelligemment. Elle permet une baisse des coûts, améliore la productivité et ouvre des opportunités nouvelles par l’accès à de nouveaux marchés. Elle baisse globalement les barrières à l’entrée dans de nombreux secteurs et rééquilibre les écarts entre PME et grands groupes [...]

juin 2019

Google Glass Is Back

By | 2019-06-19T16:54:19+01:00 juin 19th, 2019|Actualité, Digital Marketing, E-transformation du monde, innovations, Social Media, Tech & Innovation, Transformation digitale|

Google Glass is Back! Google Glass is back from the dead, with new-upgraded capabilities, longer battery life, and the promise of new confusion around augmented reality. The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is, as the name makes clear, not really intended for consumers. Yes! That is right; don’t expect [...]

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