Interior Design – 2019 Influences

I am highly passionate about interior design and willing to develop my knowledge in this field. I decided to write articles about the relationship between interior design and digitalization.

During my research about the impact of digital in the interior design sector, I discovered new websites that are revolutionizing the interior design experience!

Interior design can sound like a job ready-made for a rom-com heroine, but it’s a profession you can earn credentials for and that is a crucial part of building a new home. This is achieved by meeting the user’s or the customer’s aesthetic creative identity expectations or the customer besides responding to their functional needs (Gökhan, Atasoy, 2005).

Interior designers envision, plan and outfit spaces in a way that makes them both functional and aesthetic. They reflect each client’s lifestyle and cultivate relationships with their partners such as artisans, vendors, and contractors who execute the design… to read more CLICK HERE